Detroit Fulfillment Initiative Banners


Detroit Fulfillment Initiative is a network of companies dedicated to growing motivated product based businesses and enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

The Challenge

  • Design a banner for DeFI to use for its events.


The stakeholders asked for banners that was Detroit inspired. In order to fulfill their desires, I conducted research to see what visuals could be tied in to Detroit.


I created four designs that were inspired by different Detroit facts or characteristics. However, they all also incorporated a gritty design, which was specifically requested by the stakeholders.

The first idea, that is synonymous with Detroit is the automotive industry. I was inspired by the heyday of Detroit, when it earned its nickname “The Motor City.” That is the reason why I chose a more vintage theme for this design.

DeFI Banner Design 1

The second design was inspired by the Joe Louis Fist monument in downtown Detroit, which I think symbolizes the city’s never say die attitude.

DeFI Banner Design 2

The third design was inspired by Detroit’s iconic mid-century modern architecture, which became extremely popular in Detroit during the 1950’s and 1960’s. This was why I incorporated clean lines and more nature into the design.

DeFI Banner Design 3

The fourth design was inspired by Detroit’s history of being an industrial and manufacturing hub. I added in the iconic Spirit of Detroit status as well in order to further tie in the design to the main theme of grit.

DeFI Banner Design 4

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