Evans Distribution Systems Animation

Animation / Graphic

Evans Distribution Systems is an 87-year-old, family-owned and operated logistics company offering customers a single source solution for warehousing and distribution, transportation, contract packaging, quality inspection, fulfillment, staffing and other logistics-related services.

The Challenge

  • DeFI wanted a video to explain its goals and mission, but since it was still starting up, it did not have a lot of footage or capital to work with.


I met with the main stakeholders to see what the goals of the video were, and what message they wanted it to send. I was also given a rough draft of their script, which I refined. It was then decided that an animated explainer video would be the best path to take for this project.


I first mapped out the story, then I designed and animated it. I also provided the voice over for the video.

The video currently has around 2.7 thousand views on the company's youtube page.